leadpages and marketing automation

How LeadPages Can help in Marketing Automation

Before we get into exactly how LeadPages fits into the marketing automation mechanism, it is a good idea to take a closer look at the mechanism of marketing automation itself, and see how it works.So, what is marketing automation? And more importantly what  it can and cannot achieve? However, these systems and softwares do not do the marketing for you. The automation is driven by your inputs and more importantly by the campaigns that you design and implement in the system.

leadpages and marketing automation

The World of Marketing Automation

The world of online marketing is vast and there is huge potential for business. Marketing automation is software that is designed to tap into this vast potential and make it accessible and available for businesses and enterprises of all sizes. These softwares are designed to integrate all the different kinds of marketing practices, including e-mail marketing, lead generation, CRM (customer relationship management) and marketing analytics. All the marketing practices that a business is concerned with can be performed by a marketing automation software. We are now in danger of going too far off topic, but the aforementioned explanation will help in understanding the role that softwares like LeadPages play.

A large number of marketing automation systems today, including Infusionsoft, Hubspot, Ontraport and many others have marketplaces full of third party applications that are designed to integrate perfectly with their individual systems.

LeadPages and Marketing Automation

LeadPages is one such software that works superbably well and integrates even better with these marketing automation systems for the purpose of enhancing lead generation capabilities. Lead generation is the most important part of any marketing campaign. All marketing automation systems are hard wired to nurture leads in a manner that is cost effective, time effective as well as personalized. This is where systems like LeadPages contribute an important role.

LeadPages is a landing page builder. It is the most comprehensive and intuitive builder in the market and one that integrates with all the major marketing automation systems as well as ESP’s. Inside LeadPages you can build all kinds of pages within minutes. They also have the largest compilation of free templates with the highest conversion rates. Any and all pages can also be published on a variety of platforms within seconds!  So, not only do you have the best pages that are guaranteed to attract and convert, you can publish them instantaneously without any technical know-how or a developer or any code manipulation at all. (Visit landingpagescoupon.com, to learn more about LeadPages).

Apart from a great builder, templates and pages, LeadPages also has other tools that are hugely beneficial for list building purposes. LeadBoxes, LeadDigits, LeadLinks, are all invaluable tools that make interactions with potential subscribers/leads more fun and personal as well as less tedious. LeadBoxes, helps you convert any link on any page into a pop up window/box, when clicked on. LeadLinks can be added in emails, and they simplify the subscription process, by automatically adding your readers into various lists, including webinars, segmented lists, other sub-lists or all. LeadDigits are highly effective for building your lists; they enable you to ask anyone to join your email lists or sign up for your webinar, just by texting a specific word to your LeadDigit.

LeadPages is also great for Facebook users and WordPress users and they awesome built-in analytics that let’s you see progress of your pages live. You can also split test various aspects of different pages to see what works better and brings in more conversions. The analytics tool helps you track all history as well as captures data on conversions, opt-ins rates and unique views for your landing pages. And, everything can be viewed simultaneously on neat graphs and charts.


Although, a lot of Marketing automation systems claim to be complete SAAS products, a majority of them, if not all are still a work-in progress. In order to have a great complete solution for your marketing needs, it is important to integrate with valuable third party applications that provide a more comprehensive and holistic solution. LeadPages is the most ideal application for lead generation and marketing automation today.